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FACTFILE - Crazy colours


Astound your friends with these colourful fun facts. 

Babies as young as 2 weeks old can spot the colour red. As they get older, they can see more colours and by 5 months they can see all the colours of the rainbow. 

Did you even know that had a name?

Geoluhread means yellow-red. In the 16th century,  Europeans changed to use the same name for the colour and the fruit.

Before Newton, it was thought that the different colours were a mixture of light and dark. He proved it was just light that was responsible. 

It's basically a rusty planet!

Mozzies are very visual so people in dark colours stand out more so they are attracted to them. 

For some reason, we are up to 10% more likely to remember something in colour than in black and white. 

🎉Good Job , you now have genius points and are on your way to your next level.😎😁

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