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TOP TIP VIDEO AND WORKSHEET - zero cost, zero time science investigations

When we are all time poor, finding ways of getting some science into your day are invaluable. Here are a few easy ways to do just that. 

- How many chemical reactions can you spot when cooking tea?

- How does meat change as you defrost it?

- How long does it take for your bath or the washing up water to cool down? Does it make a difference if you have bubble bath (or washing up liquid) in it or not?

- Find out when pens were invented.

- What did the first computer look like?

- Which colour of felt tip ink runs best on a piece of kitchen roll?

- How do shadows in your garden change over time?

You can download the challenge cards down below - you can cut them up and pick one ou random to have a go at (and there's space for you to add your own!) 

🎉Good Job , you now have genius points and are on your way to your next level.😎😁


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