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Parties with a difference

Are you ready to host the party of the year???

Do your kids want something a bit different??

Are you excited about putting on an extravaganza but REALLY don't want to do it yourself?

Then we have just the thing for you!! 

Our parties are an hour (often a little bit longer!) of non stop, hands on fun where all the children at the party will do at least 4 experiments AND everyone gets to take home the sciencey creations they make. 

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Choose from one of our 5 fun themes

💧SLIME-stretchy slime 💧putty 💧cloud slime 💧colour changing slime 💧 

🪄 POTIONS  foaming potions 🪄 ectoplasm slime 🪄 colour changing pictures 🪄 flying magic wand canisters 🪄 

🚀 SPACE colour changing aliens 🚀 light up flying saucers 🚀 launching  rockets 🚀 Flying planets 🚀  

🌈 RAINBOWS 🌈 rainbow slime 🌈 Floating colourful water towers 🌈 Rainbow fizz 🌈 chromatography sun catchers 🌈 

🧪 CHEMISTRY Fizzy birthday cakes 🧪 Instant jelly crystals 🧪 Colour changing cards 🧪 Flying birthday hats 🧪 

(these are examples of experiments for each topic - you can work out the exact content with your leader) 

2. Print off your personalised invitations

3. Sit back and let us run the party of the year (and do ALL the tidying up!)

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