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Virtual Sciencey Advent Calendar - 2023

Ooblek Snowballs | Design Santa's sleigh | Fizzing snowmen | Mince Pie Puzzle | Magic Milk |  Record Breaking Christmases | The Grinch's heart |  Design the perfect Christmas jumper | Stripey elf jumpers |  Safe crossing puzzle | Dancing tinsel |  All about reindeer | Mobius strip paper chains |  Design a present wrapping machine | Salt and ice trick | Christmas calculations | Reindeer toothpaste |  Speedy records | Dancing Cranberries |  Life at the North Pole | The shortest day |  Design Santa's suit  | Plastic milk stars |  Keeping an eye on Santa 

You don't have to do them all in a month - you'll have access to the videos all year round (the experiments work pretty well at any time!)

So come on in and  give the mini scientists in your life a super sciencey, STEM-y start to the festive season!

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