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Winter Wonderland science

We know you are busy gearing up for the busiest time of the year with a million different activities and events to arrange in December, so let us give you a hand by coming in to run festive-themed activies that are still bursting with science!

Here are some of the festive fun your children will be having: 

  • Designing aerodynamic turkeys and using our mechanical flying machines to fly them across the room
  • Exploring thermochromic paint to design colour changing stockings
  • Investigating circuits to make light up reindeer decorations or cards
  • Playing with polymers to make snowman slime
  • Looking at winter weather with test tube blizzards
  • Making snow covered trees - and then making them erupt!
  • Launching fizzy, flying fireworks

Festive fun with no set up (or clean up!) for you!

The winter term is a LONG one and by December, everyone needs a break. Organising winter activities can be great fun and really rewarding but it's also time consuming, messy, can sometimes end up being expensive for teachers and let's not forget the stress of some of your experiments not actually working!!

But you still want to do it because it's great fun and really rewarding!

We can help keep it fun but without the stress, mess or swallowing up teachers' time and money.

❄️ We have a whole host of festive themed experiments that you can use to build your perfect workshop, after school club, EYFS session or event.

❄️We will plan the session with YOUR children in mind

❄️Every child will have a fully hands on session doing at least 3 experiments

❄️ Everyone has something to take home with them

❄️You even get some supporting materials to delve into the theory behind the experiments 


How can we help your children get festive?


Perfect for an individual class, we put together the perfect experiments for your age group and come and deliver it in your classroom (or wherever you want us to be!).


Why not make a day of it! We'll come along for a whole day and run however many festive workshops you want us to for different groups. We can adjust the timings and experiments to suit your timetable.


A fun packed 45 minute session specially designed for our littlest scientists! 


The perfect addition to any winter event! If you don't want a structured workshop, we can provide drop in activities for children (and grown ups..) to have a go at.

Does this sound perfect for your children?

Click the link below or email info@lovescience.co.uk for more info and availability. 

Don't take our word for it, here's what other schools and venues say about our workshops.

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